War of the Giant Monsters

War of the Giant Monsters is the first episode of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters.


The episode begins with a giant monster named Bolgils is going on a rampage outside of Tokyo and the security called the Gammas, a team of superheroes consist of preteens and adults led by Starman.

The team were in the chamber center where I just heard about Bolgils as they get onto the Gammas hovercar. Tracey asks her brother not to get a scratch on it like last time in which everyone remembers what happen when they were fighting Gappa. Starman tells her that it won't happen again as they fly over to the scene as Samantha watches over Bobby, Daigo, and Nini. As they get ready, Toby was suggesting that they should get another vehicle salvaged from alien technology as his father said that it most likely will not happen.

Meanwhile in space, an alien race called Gargon had plan to conquer the Earth with their giant monster as the next scene shows Godzilla sleeping in the ocean and wakes up.  The team arrive to confront the monster when Toby pulls out his phone and takes a picture of Bolgils for his wallpaper. Starman tells Black Dragon and Akiko to escort the people to safety.

Starwoman uses her laser eye beams to attack the monster, but did no good as Bolgils starts blasting fireballs. Vicky was told by her aunt to blast some light beams at the crystal on Bolgils' back, but he absorbs it as Starman reveals his latest invention, a sound box that creates a sweet lullaby that puts Bolgils to sleep as the monster digs underground. Everyone congratulate Starman as Starwoman knows that it's the same lullaby she sang to Toby when he was a baby in which they come face to face with Salamandora, who is attacking Tokyo as Godzilla swims towards the city to fight the alien Kaiju.


  • Tracey reveals that she blames her brother for getting the hovercar scratched when they were fighting Gappa.