Appears in Godzilla: New Age of Monsters
Race Superhuman
Gender Female
Date of birth March 12, 1987
Occupation Business woman

Tracey is a main character of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters. She is the mother of VanessaKatie, and Vicky. Tracey is also Starman's sister, Starwoman's sister in law, and the aunt of Samantha, Toby, Mindy, and Bobby. She is voiced by Susan Huber.


Tracey wears a black shirt, green suit jacket, black skirt, and black heels. 

Early Life

Tracey and Chad (Starman) were raised by their mother and father in New York. She was friends with Natasha (Starwoman). One day, Tracey and Chad's powers had began to manifest. As they grew older, their father died during a car accident. At some point, Tracey gets married and gave birth to her three daughters. She had planned Chad and Natasha's wedding. Tracey has always been there for her brother especially when her nieces and nephews are being born. She was devastated by the fact that her mother died and often visits her grave along with her brother. After discovering that the kids have super powers, Tracey, Chad, and Natasha formed a group of mutant superheroes called the Gammas. 


Tracey always passes out missions to everyone and occasionally gets kidnapped by some of the villains. 


  • Super Speed
  • Accelerated Metabolism
  • Super Strength 
  • Superhuman Agility 
  • Superhuman Stamina 
  • Superhuman Reflexes 
  • Speed Reading
  • Slow Motion


Tracey's weakness is running out of energy and any artificial gravity device.


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