A List of Episodes of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters

Season 1

Title  No. Description  Monster appearances  Trivia
War of the Giant Monsters(part 1) 1   The Gammas have to fight a giant monster named Bolgils while aliens plan to invade Earth.  Godzilla, Bolgils, Alien Gorgan, Salamandora, Litra
  • First appearance of Godzilla, Alien Gorgan, and Salamandora. 
  • First appearance of Starwoman, Starman, Toby, Samantha, Mindy, Bobby, Tracey, Vanessa, Katie, Vicky, NightBird, Micro Bug, Black Dragon, Dr. Watari Fuji, Akiko, Daigo and Nini..
Giant Monster Battle in Tokyo(part 2) 2 The Gammas fight Alien Gorgan as Godzilla battles Salamandora and teams up with Bolgils and Anguirus.  Anguirus
  • First appearance of Anguirus.
  • Bolgils was the first Ultra-Kaiju to join forces with Godzilla. 
  • Anguirus also helps defeat Salamandora.
  • The Gammas have encountered Godzilla prior to the events of this episode.
Raki vs Gramuda 3 The Gammas are witnessing a battle between two dinosaur monsters.  Raki, Gramuda .
  • First appearance of Raki and Gramuda.
  • Godzilla was seen sleeping in the ocean til the battle disturbed him.
Godzilla vs the Monster of the Deep 4 Godzilla battles the monster Raiga Raiga
  • First appearance of Raiga.
Eleking Appears 5 The Alien Pitts capture Katie and use their monster Eleking to drain all of Japan's electricity  Eleking, Alien Pitts
  • First appearance of the Alien Pitts and Eleking
Mutant Underground 6

The Gammas battle a mutant molerat Kaiju.

Meanwhile, Tracey is having a problem with mice at the headquarters.

King Molerat
  •  First appearance of King Molerat.
The Invisible Enemy 7  As Samantha and Bobby were having a panic, the monster Neronga appears and attacks Japan.  Neronga
  • First appearance of Neronga. 
Attack of the Meganulon 8 During a man made black hole experiment, a prehistoric dragonfly from the past lays an egg as the Meganulon appears. 


  •  First appearance of  the Meganulon.
  • One Meganulon kills 2 people just like in Godzilla vs Megaguirus.
Invasion of the Meganula 9 As the Shibuya District is flooded with the Gammas helping the people, the Meganula flies to an uninhabited island to drain some of Godzilla's DNA. Meganula
  • First appearance of the Meganula. 
Megaguirus Attacks 10  Megaguirus, the chosen queen of the Meganula battles Godzilla for his energy.  Megaguirus
  •  First appearance of Megaguirus. 
Hydra's Wrath


Akiko and Black Dragon must figure out the connection between a boy who was killed in a car accident and the highlands dragon, Hydra. Hydra
  • First appearance of Hydra. 
Godzilla vs Destro-King 12 The Garoga aliens attacks the Earth with their monster, Spider-Uros, Destro-King to destroy Godzilla. 

Destro-King, Spider-Uros,

Garoga aliens

  •  First appearance of the Garoga aliens, Spider-Uros, and Destro-King. 
The Monster From Outer Space 13  When the J.S.D.F had accidentally merged two meteor fragments into Bullton from outer space, Toby must save everyone from the creature's power as Godzilla gets involved.  Bullton
  • First appearance of Bullton
Latitude Zero Part 1 14 The Gammas travel to an underwater city.  Black Moth
  • First appearance of Black Moth.
Latitude Zero Part 2 15 The people of Latitude Zero hold the Gammas as prisoners while they invade the surface world.  Giant Rats
  • First appearance of the Giant Rats.
  • First time the Gammas gets captured. 
Invasion of the Baltan 16 The Gammas are dealing with the Alien Baltan when Black Dragon gets possessed by one of them. Alien Baltan
  • First appearance of Alien Baltan.
 Zarkorr vs Kraa 17

Godzilla battles two space monsters named Zarkorr and Kraa.

Meanwhile, Vicky, Toby and Katie have a prank war.

Zarkorr, Kraa
  • First appearance of Zarkorr and Kraa.
Monster Decisive Battle on Tatara Island 18 The Gammas head straight to Tatara Island to rescue some scientist when the island has monsters. 

Red King, Chandora, 




  • Chandora survive his battle with Red King and flies off into the sky.
  • Magular appears in this episode and escapes from being killed by Red King.
A Monsters' Vengeance 19 a terracotta monster attacks Japan.  God of Clay
  •  First appearance of the God of Clay. 
Rulers of Earth 20 Godzilla fights a monster named Jirass Jirass
  • First appearance of Jirass
Godzilla vs Gelworm 21 The Gammas fight a shape shifting worm monster from space Gelworm
  • First appearance of Gelworm.
The Battle for Earth part 1 22 A greedy man has discovered a giant egg on Infant Island as a creature named Battra rises to destroy the egg of Mothra, and that a meteor crash lands on Earth and awakens Godzilla from his hibernation.  Mothra,  Battra
  • First appearance of Mothra, Battra and the Shobijin.
The Battle for Earth part 2 23  After surviving his fight with Battra, Godzilla teams up with Mothra to defeat the black Mothra.  None
  • Mothra and Battra became their adult forms. 
  • Godzilla teams up with Mothra. 
Gan Q 24  Gan Q, a one eyed monster from another dimension appears on Earth. 

Gan Q

  • First appearance of Gan Q.
Mount Fuji Showdown  25

A monster named Grangon appears and wreaks havoc across the countryside and fights a monster called Lagoras.

Meanwhile, Starwoman and Starman try to put Toby on a diet.

  • First appearance of Lagoras and Grangon.
The Space Monster Returns 26 The Gammas have learned that the space monster known as Dogora returns since 1964.  Dogora
  • First appearance of Dogora.

Season 2

Season 2 feature the return of several monsters like Agon, Gigan, Guilala, Baragon, Varan and King Ghidorah.

Title  No.  Monster appearances Episode description
The Return of Godzilla 1 Agon

After his battle with Dogora, Godzilla returns to fight Agon, a mutant monster from the Pacific ocean.

Gigan Attacks Gigan Gigan comes to Earth to seek revenge against Godzilla. 
Godzilla vs the X from Outer Space 3 Guilala The space monster Guilala returns to Earth during a peace summit and attacks Tokyo. 
Tokyo Crumbles 4 Arindo

Tokyo is under siege by a new species of ants that combine into a giant monster.

Ultraman 5 Kyla, Saigo Ultraman, an alien from the Land of Light battles two space monsters with the help of Godzilla. 
 Godzilla vs Ligatron 6 Ligatron

While Toby is sick, the Gammas and Godzilla battle a space monster named Ligatron.

A Monster Video Game 7 Demagorg, Alien Chern

When Vicky gets a new video game, a cybernetic dinosaur appears, thanks to Alien Chern.

Meanwhile, Starman tries to teach Toby how to dodge.

Godzilla vs Clover 8  Clover, Zilla  While visiting Manhattan, New York, the Gammas take action as Godzilla fights the giant monster named Clover with the H.E.A.T. team on their side to help them. 
Varan Strikes Back 9 Varan When a couple of scientists disrupt Varan from his sleep, the monster goes on a ramping throughout Japan. 
 Woo  10 Woo

Black Dragon learns that the spirit of a snowgirl's mother has taken the form of a monster that been terrorizing a Japanese ski resort. 

The Great Monster Battle 11 Aboras, Banila Two ancient monsters, Aboras and Banila have been released from their capsule prisons and start to battle each other. 
Raidron 12 Raidron, Baby Raidron During a fireworks show in Osaka, the monster Raidron and its baby appears on Earth.
Attack of Biollante 13 &14 Biollante, Deutalios Biollante, a monster created by G-Cells, rose cells, and human cells appears in Japan and fights Godzilla
Bemstar 15 Bemstar Earth is being invaded by a space monster that feeds on the energy of stars.
Dada 16  Dada, Bemular After the Gammas defeated Bemular, Toby and Bobby get captured by Dada. 
Godzilla vs Gigamoth 17, 18 Gigamoth, Kumonga,  Rodan Godzilla battles a mutant Mothra called Gigamoth.

Gezora, Ganimes and Kamoebas: Giant monsters All-Out Attack

19 Gezora, Ganimes, Kamoebas  An alien lifeform named Yog transforms three sea animals into mutant creatures. 
Clash of the Giant Monsters 20 Twin Tail, Gudon Twin Tail and Gudon clash with one another in Tokyo.
Terror of King Pandon 21 Alien IcarusKing Pandon Alien Icarus uses the two-headed Kaiju, King Pandon to attack Tokyo.
King Caesar 22 King Caesar, Black King, Alien Nackle  King Caesar, the monster guardian of Okinawa joins forces with the Gammas and Godzilla to defeat Black King and Alien Nackle.
Guardian of the Universe 23  Gamera, Gyaos Godzilla's old rival, Gamera returns and takes on his arch enemy, Gyaos.
 The Jelga story 24  Jelga A famous scientist uses a mini submarine camera to document on the plankton eating monster, Jelga.
Godzilla vs the Space Monster 25 &26
King Ghidorah, Kamacurus, Fairy Mothra
An alien race known as the Kilaaks began their invasion on Earth by using the space monster, King Ghidorah to wipe out the humans as the Gammas and other allies must stop the aliens as Godzilla and King Ghidorah take one showdown at Mount Fuji. 

Season 3

Title  No. Kaiju Episode description Trivia
Super Monster Battle 1 King of Mons , Bajiris, Scylla A group of boys have created a monster by using a red orb. 
  • This took place prior to the events of the series.
Godzilla vs the Ancient Monsters 2 Golza, Melba  Two ancient monsters, Golza and Melba have been awakened from their hibernation and being to attack Japan. 
Tales of Monsters 3 Kemular, Takkong, Leilons  While Bobby is sick in bed, Samantha reads him a story about 3 giant monsters.
Monster Island 4 Taildas  The Japanese government has decided to send all of Earth's monsters on a large Island  just as the Gammas must take down S.C.A.L.E. who plans to free the monsters.
Double Space Monster Invasion 5 HedorahSatan Beetle

The evil Alien Clean gets his revenge on Earth when a rocket crash landed on his home planet and sends his pet monster, Satan Beetle and Godzilla's old enemy, Hedorah

Meanwhile, Samantha and the other girls discovered that Toby makes sock puppet versions of everyone when he is alone at the tower.

Space Monster Demeking 6 Demeking  After its appearance in 1969, Demeking returns to Earth to lay eggs. 
Horror of the Deep 7 Ebirah, Giant Condor  The Gammas have been captured by the Red Bamboo as Godzilla takes on the entire terrorist organization while battling Ebirah and the Giant Condor. 
Mad Monster Science 8 Gareamon

Dr. Gareamon uses a serum to transform himself into a giant monster.

Also, Toby and Samantha began to fight each other after Toby accidently messes up Samantha's training 

Godzilla vs Demaaga 9 Demaaga The Gammas and other heroes must work together to prevent the ancient monster, Demaaga from destroying Japan
The Son of Godzilla 10 Godzilla Junior The Gammas have discovered an egg from a island in the Bering Sea. When the egg hatches, they've that the infant creature is a baby Godzilla. 
Monster Underground 11 Telesdon The Underground humans have unleashed Telesdon to destroy the surface world.
Toby on Monster Island 12 Mogrudon When Toby gets stranded on Monster Island after his father upgraded his teleporter watch, he must learn how to survive on an island full of monsters.
  • Starman had a dream sequence of how his wife would react that Toby is on Monster Island.
Plant Attack 13 Greenmons  While investigating the murders of scientists, Black Dragon realizes that a Gamma mutant plant creature is the cause of the deaths. 
The Monster Storm Part 1 14 Alien Magma, Gilas Brothers(Red Gilas and Blue Gilas) When Ultraseven gets injured during a battle with Alien Magma and the Gilas Brothers, Ultraman Leo comes to his rescue. 
The Monster Storm Part 2 15 None When Alien Magma appears on Earth with the Gilas Brothers, the Gammas and Ultraman Leo must save the human race with Godzilla and Anguirus by his side.
Terror of the Minus Energy 16 Hoe, Noiseler, Delusion Ultraseven. The Gammas have discovered that a negative energy called the Minus energy spawn monsters across Japan.
Seagorath and Seamons 17 Seagorath, Seamons Seagorath and Seamons are terrorizing Japan.
Godzilla vs Gera 18 Gera Godzilla fights a monster named Gera.
Godzilla vs Gomora part 1 19 Magara, Gomora Tired of seeing Godzilla's popularity, Mr. Tako sends two men to capture the ancient dinosaur, Gomora.
Godzilla vs Gomora part 2 20 Birdon, Angross Gomora goes on a rampage on the Japanese countryside and picks a fight with Godzilla. Later, the two monsters put their differents aside and work together when Angross appears. 
Mutant Insect 21 Sildron A chemical oil has turned a harmless insect into a rampaging monster.
Tyrant 22 Tyrant A chimera space monster called Tyrant comes to Earth and challenges Godzilla and Ultraman Taro
The Origin of Godzilla 23 Mothra Leo (Larva form), Sadora  Mr. Shindo tells the Gammas and everyone in Japan the very origin of Godzilla and the times he has attack Japan. Also, a new monster named Sadora attacks Tokyo.
  • The Gammas learn about Godzilla's past.
Rebirth of Mothra 24 & 25 Mothra Leo(Imago form)  When Mothra gets killed by her ancient enemy Desghidorah, her offspring hatches and evolves into his adult form to defeat the ancient space monster to avenge his mother. 
  • Homepage to the Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy.
Godzilla vs the destructive beast 26 Monsarger Monsarger, a space monster created by an alien race goes on a rampage in Japan.

Season 4

Title No. Description Debut Trivia
The Sea War Part 1 1 The Mu Empire and the Seatopians have declared war on each other Manda, Megalon
  • First appearance of Megalon and Manda.
The Sea War Part 2 2  When the war between two civilizations continues, the Gammas act quickly to prevent it from getting worse as Godzilla, Titanosaurus, and Gorosaurus take on Megalon and Manda.  Titanosaurus, Gorosaurus
  • Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus appear.
 Monster of Destruction 3 When two ancient parasitic monsters has awoken from their hibernation, Godzilla must restore the balance of nature by stopping his new opponents. M.U.T.O. (male and female)
  • Based on the 2014 Godzilla film.
Return of Gazort 4 After its' last battle with Gamera, Gozart returns to attack Tokyo and battles Godzilla. Gazort
  • Gazort returns.
Look Out Japan! Great Decisive Space Monster Battle on Earth! 5 Gigan, Guilala and Zetton battle against each other.  Zetton
  • Zetton gets killed by Godzilla.
Tortosie Attack 6  A group of poachers have taken the egg of King and Queen Tortosie King Tortosie, Queen Tortosie, Mini Tortosie
  • Queen Tortosie does not die like in Ultraman Taro.
Terror of Yapool part I 7 An interdimensional creature named Yapool unleashes an army of super monsters called Choju on Earth. 

Yapool, Verokron, Vakishim, Doragory,


  • First appearance of Yapool and the Choju.
Terror of Yapool part 2 8 After Godzilla and the Gammas manage to destroy some of the Choju, Yapool makes himself present to everyone and sends out his most powerful creation, U-killersaurus Aribunta, U-Killersaurus
  • Mothra Leo and the Ultra Brothers kill U-Kilersaurus.
Vacuumon 9 When the world is under attack by an alien entity that eats planets, Ultraman Jack teams up with the Gammas to save Earth Zanika, Vacuumon
  • Hompage to episode 23 of Return of Ultraman.
Godzilla vs Grand King 10 Juda wants to see if Godzilla is the strongest monster on Earth by sending Grand King to fight him. Juda, Grand King
  • After Grand King's death, Juda teleports himself back into space and gets imprisoned by Ultra Father. 
Monster from Planet X 11 Dustpan, a monster from Planet X attacks Earth. Dustpan
  • It's revealed that the Xilliens were wipe out by King Ghidorah as Planet X is now a barren wasteland.
Invasion of the Vortaaks(1) 12 The evil Vortaaks have unleash an army of space monsters on Earth in order for an invasion as they seek Godzilla's DNA for the survival of their kind.  Gaimos, Gyeron, Tepeto
  • Homepage to Godzilla Unleashed.
  • The Vortaaks appear.
Spacegodzilla(2) 13  A space monster born from Godzilla's DNA cells has appeared on Earth to conquer the planet after betraying the Vortaaks.  Spacegodzilla
  • Spacegodzilla gets imprisoned in a blackhole.
Zigra strikes back 14, 15, 

Zigra begans to invade Earth with help from his alien woman servant as he has Toby under his control. Now it's up for the Gammas to save him as Godzilla fight the evil space fish monster.

Meanwhile, everyone has been sniping out at eachother after they failed to cooperate during a mission, but when Toby(who was thought to be killed by the Zigra woman, is still alive and was just teleported to the spaceship)  gets captured and being under Zigra's mind control, they learn to trust each other  to save him.

Zigra , Gubira
  • Gubira has also under Zigra's mind control.
  • Daiei replaced Zigra's paralysis ray.with a simple laser beam.
  • Godzilla is immune  to Zigra's mind control.
  • In the show, the Zigra woman is an female from Zigra's homeworld.
    • After the death of her master, she reverts to her original fish form and Ultraman takes her backto her home planet.
Giant Parrot Appears in Tokyo 16

The Gammas are fighting a parrot monster that's been attacking Tokyo.

Also, Toby creates a web show called "Tokyo Monsters" for the internet.

  • First time Toby creates his web series.
Irradiated Monster Saga 17 Tokyo is in middle of a battle between Death Kappa and Hangyolas Death Kappa, Hangyolas
  • Homepage to Death Kappa
Godzilla and the Revenge of Earth 18 The Earth itself takes revenge by sending two monsters to wipe out humanity. Kilazee, Kodalar
Space Monster Jamila Appears 19, 20 After being in space for so long, famous Japanese astronaut Jamila returns to Earth as a giant monster.  Jamila
  • Homepage to Ultraman episode 23
Beware of Ganza 21 With Starman injured, the team must rely on Toby's strange method to deal with a new monster. Ganza
The Monster from Mars 22, 23 During a terraforming project, a giant alien monster named Negadon wreaks havoc in Downtown Tokyo while the Gammas joins forces with a scientist who lost his daughter in an incident with his robot, he must use the robot to save Earth Negadon
  • Homepage to Negagon: The Monster from Mars.
Gualagon 24 A giant mutant kraken-like tentacle monster named Gualagon appears and starts attacking Osaka


  • Gualagon was a german made Kaiju
Son of Muruchi 25 The offspring of the space monster Muruchi wreaks havoc in Japan's waters. Muruchi Junior
Spacegodzillla Strikes Back 26 Spacegodzilla escapes from his black hole prison and arrives on Earth to get revenge on Godzilla

Season 5

The fifth season of the series feature new monsters like Nagira, King Goldras, King Silvergon, Antlar, Viras, Sanda, Gaira, Destoroyah and Legion. 

Season 5
Title  No. Monster debut Description Trivia
 Wrath of Wadatuzin part I  1  Wadatuzin, Nagira  The Gammas were searching for Godzilla Jr after the death of his father. After seeing humanity ruining the environment, an ancient alien called Wadatuzin declares war on the humans and sends out Nagira, a monster called by his master to attack any industrial area. Meanwhile, The Gammas had arrived at Wadatuzin's spaceship where they battle the malevolent being. Unfortunately, she overpowers them and abducts Bobby. 
  • Bobby gets captured in this episode. 
  • This episode takes after the events of Battle of the Monsters.
 Wrath of Wadatuzin part 2 2  None  Bobby is still being imprisoned in Wadatuzin's spaceship while Starwoman decides to rescue her son by herself. Just then, Nagira began to attack Tokyo and battles Ultraman Cosmos. Basically, the space monster was no match for the giant alien as Bobby convince Wadatuzin to spare the Earth and forgive humanity.
  • Wadatuzin and Nagira return to their home planet.
  • Before she leaves, Wadatuzin tells the Gammas that they will face a giant monster from the past.
Alien Guts 3  While Toby is sick in bed, he dream that he's on a game show hosted by Alien Metron.  Alien Metron, Guyros, Dinosaur
  • This is one of the more comical episode.
The Monster Crisis 4 King Goldras, King Silvergon  King Goldras and King Silvergon waged war against each other.
  • Mothra Leo and Ultraman Cosmos had calmed both monsters as their return to their home dimensions.
Antlar rising 5


The Shobijin warned the Gammas about an ancient monster will rises up and will destroy the Earth while stopping Mitsuo Katgiri as he tries to kill Antlar but eventually awakes the monster.

  • Antlar makes an appearance at the ending of this episode. Katagiri's bomb exploded where he was sleeping as Antlar rises up from the ground to terrorize the world.
Godzilla Reborn 6 Godzilla Junior (adult) Tokyo is being under attack by the magnetic monster known as Antlar.
  • Godzilla Junior returns and evolves into his adult form.
    • Taking the likenes of the Finalgoji suit.
Godzilla vs Bemlas 7 Bemlas This episode shows that the Gammas first encounter Godzilla when he battles the monster Bemlas.
  • This is a prequel to the series
Viras attacks part 1 8 Viras , Virasians The Earth is in trouble when the Virasians began their attack by placing a mind control device of Guilala and holding Bobby and Samantha captive
  • This episode is a homepage to a Gamera movie.
Viras attacks part 2 9 None

As Bobby and Samantha were trying to escape, they manage to free Guilala from the aliens' control and leave the ship as Viras starts to fight Godzilla.

  • Godzilla kills Viras
Attack of the Megaton monster 10 Skydon Tracey's birthday is coming as everyone gets prepared. Meanwhile, Bobby had accidently ruined the birthday cake and because of this, Samantha scolds him which him upset. Meanwhile, Starman comes in and brings in a spare cake which in result make Samantha feel guilty while Bobby refuses to speak to her. Just then, a meteor crash lands on the outskirts of Tokyo and releashes a monster named Skydon. Appearently, impossible to sends Skydon back into space. The monster was too heavy for Giant Robot, Ultraman, Mothra Leo, and even Godzilla Junior. Eventually, Ultraman Cosmos manages to calm down Skydon and teleports him to Monster Island. As the Gammas were celebrating Tracey's birthday, Bobby forgives Samantha after she apologizes as they both hugged.
  • The parts when they were trying to lift up Skydon were funny.
Time on Infant Island/A day with Booska 11

Time on Infant Island: Skeleton turtle.

A day with Booska: Booska.

Time on Infant Island: The Shobijin relax on their island.

A day with Booska: Booska wonders on the streets of Tokyo.

  • Two Gara Q had appeared on Infant Island and had the Shobijin memerised by their dancing.
King Kong Lives  12 A mad scientist creates a clone of King Kong to fight Godzilla Junior. King Kong
  • Homepage to King Kong vs Godzilla.
  • A clone of King Kong also appears in Kong: The animated series.
Nessie 13 The Gammas travel to Scotland where they come face to face with the Loch Ness Monster.  Nessie
  • Nessie was a Toho scrapped film
Gigan's last stand 14 Gigan gets a new design and attacks Earth Gigan(new design)
  • Gigan's final appearance.
Gomera 15 After landing on Earth, Gomera realizes that Earth can be dangerous for him Gomera
  • This episode is more comical.
MM9 16  The Gammas team up with the MM9 because of the recent giant monster attacks in Japan. Zamegon, Drake, Skyalker, Furudonera
  • The 4 monsters were attacking Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Sendai
The Monster from Bermuda  17

Starwoman goes on a vacation in Bermuda to get away from the family and encounters a giant turtle.

Meanwhile, Starman is having a bad day to told the things his wife does.

Turtle Demon
  • Homepage to The Bermuda Depths
Sanda vs Gaira(1) 18

The Gammas face off against a green Gargantua creature.

Meanwhile, Akiko and Nini got into a fight and refused to speak to each other.

  • Homepage to Toho's The War of the Gargantuas
Gargantuan War(2) 19

A brown gentle gargantua has been seen as two Gargantuas began their fight in Tokyo.

Also, It's revealed that Akiko and Nini had that fight because Akiko accuses Nini for stealing her Mothra pen, but it turns out that Vicky had it in her pocket the whole time when Akiko had dropped on the ground and that she had 23 more of them. Akiko apologies to Nini for her actions as she forgive her.

  • Gaira and Sanda were sent to Monster Island
The Monster Millenium(1) 20 When Unicorn have discovered a giant rock in the ocean, a alien race that laid dormant since the Cretaceous Period endangers the Earth as the aliens hunt down Godzilla. Millennnians
  • Homepage to Godzilla 2000.
  • Katagari reveals that he bailed  himself out of prison.
Orga attacks(2) 21 It reveals that the Millennians want to turn Earth into something they can live on, starting with the secret of Godzilla regenerative ability, Regenerate G1. Orga
  • Katagari redeems himself.
Swarm of the birds 22 The Gammas have discovered that mutant Hummingbirds are appearing in New York City.  Mutant Hummingbirds
  • The Mutant Hummingbirds were Kaiju from Godzilla: The Series.
Spawn of the Oxygen Destroyer 23 Destoroyah(Micro and Juvenile forms) The Gammas battle some monsters that spawn from the very weapon that killed the first Godzilla.
  • This episode is a homepage to the 1995 Godzilla film.
Assault on Tokyo 24 Destoroyah(Aggrate, Flying, and Final forms), Gigasaurus Now that the creatures have formed into one, Godzilla Junior and the Gammas must save Japan from Destoroyah.
  • Garasaurus freezes Destoroyah as Godzilla Junior obliterates the monster with his Atomic Ray.
Godzilla vs the Legion 25, 26 Godzilla Junior, the Gammas, Zone Fighter and the Zone Family, Unicorn, Giant Robot, Ultraman, and other allies must save the Earth from a race of silicon based alien creatures known as the Legion. Legion
  • This is the last episode of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters.


Scooby-Doo! Mysteries of Destiny

Shaggy X Katie 1 The Gammas meets Mystery Inc. and then Katie falls in love with Shaggy Rogers. But then a Slenderman shows up and terrorizes Japan. So they team to solve the mystery and stop the Slenderman. This is the very first Godzilla: New Age of Monsters crossover episode.

Avengers Assemble

Avengers vs the Gammas 2 Alien Shamer sets up a tournament between the Avengers and the Gammas to fight against each other or else he brings Kaiju from the Gammas' universe to the Avengers' universe.

This is the second Godzilla: New Age of Monsters crossover episode. 


Godzilla: New Age of Monsters Shorts
Title No.  Characters/Kaiju  Plot
Where's Bobby 1
Rodan's catch of the day 2
Who stole the noodles 3
The Big Race 4
Morning on Monster Island 5
Little Godzilla's play date 6
 Nap time 7
Lita's business to go 8