Debut War of the Giant Monsters
Appears in
Godzilla New Age of Monsters New Logo
Race Superhuman
Gender Female
Occupation Young Superheroine
Allegiance Gammas

Katie is one of the main characters of Godzilla: New Age of Monsters. She is the second daughter of Tracey and the sister of Vanessa and Vicky.


Katie acts childish sometimes, but cares to her family.

Powers and Abilities

Katie has the power to control electricity and thunder. She can also put someone into a trance with her eyes.

  • Flight
  • Electricity Manipulation
    • Electricity Attacks
    • Static Electricity Manipulation
    • Electrokinetic Combat
    • Electrical Transportation
  • Regenerative Healing Factor


Katie can't break any rubber material. Also, since water conducts electricity, Katie does not want to be in the water, however she can drink water.


Katie as well with the rest of her family were called to save Japan from many alien invaders and giant monsters. She also often pranks Vanessa along with Toby, and Vicky. Katie is a fan of Ultraman and the Dragonball series.