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Godzilla: New Age of Monsters is an American/Japanese animated series co-created by Toho, Daiei, Tsuburayu Productions, and Toei Animation. 



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After many years of terrorizing Japan, Godzilla returns and fights other monsters.


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The show has some movies that set in the same continuity in New Age of monsters. Also, several monsters from Zone fighter, Johnny Sokko and his giant robot.


  • Many origin and backstory of every monster remains the same with some changes. 
  • This show is an entire crossover with Godzilla and other Japanese monsters.
    • With the addition of monsters from American film productions also appear.
  • Many of Toho's scrapped monsters are featured. 
  • In the last episode, several flashbacks of Godzilla's past and present battles are seen in the beginning.
  • Some of the Ultra monsters are allies to Godzilla.
  1. Gomora
  2. King Pandon    
  3. Sildron
  4. Gigass
  5. Litra
  6. Bolgils
  7. Golmede
  8. Lidorias
  • Many monsters and aliens will have new additional powers
    • Neosaurus has Godzilla's regeneration abilities and atomic ray, Baragon's burrowing ability, King Ghidorah's zero gravity beams, Eleking's electricity absorption, and Gigan's eye beam.
    • Yapool, and Wadatuzin can make force anyone to bow down to them against their will.
    • The Shobijin can grow to human size.
    • Godzilla can shoot laser beams from his eyes, a ability he used in the Hannah Barbara cartoon.  
    • Sildron can burrow underground.
  • Whenever the Shobijin listen to music, they began to dance uncontrollably. 
  • In the show's universe:
    • It's revealed that Wadatuzin had allowed some of the dinosaurs in live. 
    • Wadatuzin is not real evil, despite her grudge against humans. 
    •  King Ghidorah had destroyed the home worlds of Alien Magma, Alien Nackle and Dada.
    • The Shobijin have knowledge of every giant monster on Earth.
  • The show will have a crossover episode with Scooby-Doo! Mysteries of Destiny.
  • The show's animation is similar to the Dragon Ball anime.