Demeking is a giant alien snail-like monster from outer space. He is a kaiju from Godzilla: New Age of Monsters season 3.  


Demeking is a giant space monster from outer space.


Despite being a male, Demeking can lay eggs. 



In the year 1970, Demeking arrives on Earth while being in an meteor and lands in Tokyo, Japan. and started to lay eggs, but the Japanese Self Defense Force destroy them as Demeking flies into outer space to retreat until he met his demise when the J.S.D.F. shot him from the sky as demeking's body fell into the ocean. However, one of the eggs survived and has been in the ocean since.

42 years later

The baby demeking was eating up people in the sewers and fled into the seas

The Space Monster Returns

The infant Demeking was finally grow to his adult stage and started to wreak havoc in Tokyo.