Aboras is an ancient Kaiju from Godzilla: New Age of Monsters season 2. He and Banila were the main antagonist of The Great Monster Battle.


Aboras, along with Banila were two ancient Kaiju that were turned to liquid and sealed in capsules. 


The capsules containing the two behemoths were discovered at an excavation. The blue one containing Aboras was founded by the Gammas while the red one containing Banila was accidentally sent to the dump and during a storm one night, the red capsule was struck by lighting as Banila was freed from his prison and attacks Tokyo. While the Gammas and the Military fight Banila, Aboras was freed too as the blue titan comes face to face with his arch-enemy. WHen the Gammas arrived, they use their efforts to takedown Banila since he was attacked the most and then, the battle becames the three-way fight when Godzilla arrives as he battles Aboras and avoiding his opponent's blue foam acid while the Gammas finally to defeat Banila. Unfortunately of him, Aboras kills him with the blue foam acid. Godzilla manages to overpower Aboras and uses his Atomic Breath to destroy the blue monster once and for all.